Dr Kat Rock

Kat Rock currently works as a postdoctoral researcher in the Mathematics department at the University of Warwick, using mathematical modelling to understand the population level spread of infectious diseases. Her current job is focused on transmission of visceral leishmaniasis, particularly on the Indian sub-continent.

More broadly, she has a particular interest in vector-borne transmission and neglected tropical diseases.

Kat has previously worked on:

  • Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) for which she has been developing a novel model for the dynamics and to assess the role of tsetse senescence, bite rate, starvation, teneral susceptibility and host preference upon disease in the human population.
  • Avian malaria on the Hawaiian honeycreeper. This work covers a range of different modelling problems including predator-prey interactions, climate change and vector-borne disease dynamics.

Kat contributes to the work on Visceral Leishmaniasis for the Diagnostics Modelling Consortium.

Research area(s):