• World Malaria Day - Mother and her child sick of malaria in local paediatric ward. Kano State. Copyright Benoist Matsha-Carpentier 2010

    Modelling to guide the effective use of diagnostics in global health strategies

  • New treatments to fight malaria. Courtesy of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2014

    Catalysing the use of diagnostic modelling to inform delivery of global health solutions

  • Malaria is a major problem in Cambodia's farming areas. Courtesy of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2014

    Providing cross-cutting support to diagnostics modelling for BMGF disease priority areas

Diagnostic technologies play a pivotal role in addressing global health needs. Not only are they essential in clinical settings, but they are increasingly critical in measuring transmission dynamics and enhancing the efficiency of control interventions at the population-level.