Prof Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith leads the Health Systems Research and Dynamical Modeling Unit at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, which aims to understand the dynamic systems that influence health in the non-industrialised world. His work is rooted in long experience in the statistics of field research, mainly in Papua New Guinea and East Africa.  It is linked to an international network of colleagues spanning disciplines from medical anthropology to health economics.

The largest component of Tom's work has been on malaria, but his research has also included substantive contributions to respiratory epidemiology, nutrition, human and parasite genetics, water and sanitation research, as well as to analysis of health systems. This has included methodological development in trial design and analysis (in particular for malaria vaccines, and vector control interventions) and methodology for estimating key parameters of dynamic models of malaria.

The main research program led by Tom for the last decade has been to develop and apply microsimulation software for predictive modelling of the impact of malaria interventions. 

Tom contributes to the malaria work of the Diagnostics Modelling Consortium.


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