Featured Malaria News Article - Find the parasite

1 October 2014
Challenge #1 Find the Parasite. Courtesy of Malaria No More 2014

Malaria thrives on misinformation. It always has. Even the word malaria is a misnomer. It’s Italian for “bad air,” because the Romans attributed the seasonal sickness — that killed at least four popes and probably the poet Dante — to noxious fumes coming off the swamps. It wasn’t until 1897 that Dr. Ronald Ross confirmed the mosquito as the vector that spreads the disease.

Find the Parasite

Article by Martin Edlund

Misinformation is one of the big reasons malaria continues to kill a child at the rate of nearly one every 60 seconds. Solving the information challenge is going to be key if we’re going to end this disease, and no piece of information is more vital than knowing who is carrying the parasite and who isn’t.

The hidden malaria challenge

While there are more than 200 million malaria cases every year — people who are getting sick from the disease — it’s estimated that there are five times as many people carrying the parasite in their bloodstream at any given moment, a ticking time bomb of illness and infection.

That amounts to more than 1 billion people, one out of every seven people on the planet, who are potentially infected with the malaria parasite — jeopardizing their health, hampering their productivity and making them an active threat to their families and communities. And most of them have no idea they’re carrying the potentially deadly disease.

This article is part of a new series entitled Solve for M: 5 Key Challenges to Ending Malaria, hosted by Devex in partnership Malaria No More and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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