Dr Emily Adams

Emily Adams holds a joint appointment at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the University of Warwick, Medical School and she is the joint lead in the Research Centre for Drugs and Diagnostics.

Emily's research activities encompass the development and evaluation of appropriate diagnostics for infectious diseases with a focus on Neglected Tropical Diseases and Tuberculosis. This ranges from point-of-care diagnostics such as rapid-diagnostic-tests (RDTs) to simplified molecular diagnostics. She is currently involved in the development of a simplified molecular tools, for example, LAMPĀ® for Leishmaniasis. This project is in collaboration with the Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics (FIND) and Eiken, Japan. LeishLAMP has entered validation stages and results from Phase III diagnostics trials are being analysed. 

Further tools, such as the GenedriveĀ® for Tuberculosis represent a step change in providing molecular diagnostics close to patient care, and have the potential to be used outside of the laboratory to directly influence treatment decision making. Emily and her team have set up trials in Nigeria and South Africa to evaluate this test and others to make substantial changes in the diagnostic algorithm for TB including drug resistance markers and screening of at-risk populations.

Ensuring diagnostics are implemented in the correct diagnostic algorithm, targeting the right patient group, and have the appropriate parameters is an interesting and evolving element of diagnostic research. Collaboration and interaction with modelling groups enables diagnostics to be used in an appropriate manner, and highlights key areas for improved development of tests.

Emily is also interested in the communication of science and is the Honorary Communications Secretary for the British Society for Parasitology - follow their news and events at www.bspuk.org.

Emily supports the work on Visceral Leishmaniasis for the Diagnostics Modelling Consortium.

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